Patrick has had lots of previous experience flexing his vocal chords at the helm of AC/DC tribute bands so when he joined UK/DC he instantly slotted right in and was pretty much good to go straight from the off. His vocal range, charisma and ability to engage the crowds means he is a prefect man for the job.



Formerly of North East rock band Tainted Rose. Lee joined Mike in pursuit of a new project and helped to set up UK/DC. Lee's musical interests are Metalica and the Foo Fighters and as such, was suprised to find himself in an AC/DC tribute band but he has never looked back. Lee adopted the role of Malcom, part of the sturdy rythm section that has helped define AC/DC robust sound over the years



Formerly of North East Rock Band Tainted Rose, Mike decided to pursue his teenage wet dream of being "Angus" in an AC/DC tribute band. With him, he brought fellow guitarist, trusty sidekick and best buddy Lee to back him up on guitar. Mike has been obsessed with AC/DC for as long as he can remember, driving his neighbours mad as a 15 year old blasting out AC/DC on the guitar.



Richard joined UK/DCs backline with Mike after their previous band Sin City parted ways. As per Bons sentiment, Richard "bit the bullett" 10 years ago, bought a kit, began playing drums and has never looked back. Over the years he has played in many rock and blues bands and has now found his resting place keeping the beat for UK/DC.



Mike has played in Bands since the tender age of 16, Most recently BonFire and Sin City with Richard. As well as playing Bass, Mike is also an experienced guitarist (perhaps this is where his love of volume comes from). He has seen AC/DC a couple of times and has always wanted to play in a band like AC/DC so where better than in a DC tribute act.





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